Evaluating Other’s Work

Blog review.

I have never read a blog before, so looking at and reviewing another person’s blog will be a good and interesting thing to do. I chose a blog from a film editor named Jonny Elwyn. On Elwyn’s homepage of his website is a gallery of video’s showing his previous work, having seen these videos I got interested in the blog and what he had to say. I went to the tab “Top 5 Posts” and chose 4 posts that sounded interesting and useful to me.

Comparing to my own blog.

Since I have only been writing a blog or writing any kind of longer text like a blog for the first time I think I am doing well. That said I can see some things I can take away from Elwyn’s blog.

The blog is pretty engaging and gives good tips towards people who are in the same creative field, the posts are not extremely long but the right size depending on the topic, there is enough detail and not much unnecessary information. My own blog I might want to spend more time getting across all the necessary information without too much unnecessary information or make points that are similar to things I have said before in the same post.

The blog covers a wide variety of topics but they are all focussed on film editing. The writing of the blog is easy to understand and the texts are not too long, there is a good amount of images in there and they are mostly relevant. The blog post I found most useful and interesting is the one about the best keyboards, mice, tablets and controllers for film editing. There are many useful products shown, it focusses on productivity and ergonomics. Ergonomics are very important as you can easily get RSI from editing videos every day. I sometimes feel a bit of this pain in my wrist already and I want to actions against it before it is too late.

What will I try to improve on my own blog? I think spacing out images and text is important and trying to make the text more appealing to others. Maybe I want to change the look of my blog as well, at the moment it is fine but it not up to the same standards as my website and other graphics.

I will definitely come back to his website since there are good articles that interest me, the 5 Books To Expand Your Skillset as a Film Editor is the post I will read next.


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